3 Steps to make your Service stand out

Monday, April 16, 2018
Every day, salespeople commit professional suicide. The scenario goes something like this: Skeptical Customer: “So, why should I buy from you? We’ve been buying from (company X) for years.” Earnest Salesperson (smelling the sale): “But, we have great service!” Or, if Earnest Salesperson decides to put a little extra oomph behind it, “We have the best service in the business!” Earnest Salesperson confidently smiles at Skeptical Customer, knowing that at any moment Skeptical Customer is going to reach for his checkbook. Instead, Skeptical Customer yawns and says, “Yeah, but everybody says that. Why should I buy from you?” And another sale dies before its time. Why do we do this to ourselves? Because, Einstein, you – or your boss – don’t have a better idea. Wan  [Read More...]