Fundamentals of Pricing

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
This month we are sharing a quick reminder about making money on the items you sell. You have to do so many things right to get the nod from your customers and make the sale but often the “follow-through” of the selling process is to make sure that you charge enough so that it was worth your effort. Some things to consider as you price items: The objective is fair pricing – Fair means the wholesaler made acceptable profits and the customer felt that he was fairly treated in the transaction. There is often a range of prices that the customer will view as fair. The optimal price for the wholesaler is to sell at the high end of that “fair” range as opposed to the low end of the range. Gouging is never the objective since that will leave a bad taste in the mouth of your customers. With that  [Read More...]

How to get customers to pay more

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Let’s start with this premise: nobody totally enjoys change. And, when the change involves a price increase, most of us hate the change. Yet, in most cases we accept the change and move forward. For instance, on a recent trip to the grocery store, I discovered eggs have nearly doubled from my expected price. In a nanosecond, my brain spun through the avian flu impacting poultry farmers across the Midwest, healthy egg alternatives and buying something else. But Sunday morning omelets were on the menu and the eggs quickly joined the other goodies in the shopping cart. I accepted the price increase and moved on to the real issue at hand, cooking breakfast. Driving home from the store, I contemplated what might have happened if the local grocer employed the same pricing strategies as many   [Read More...]

Dynamics NAV – Query and Update System Indicator across multiple companies using SQL Script

Friday, July 24, 2015
Howdy from Dynamics Southwest! Starting from NAV 2009 R2, System Indicator can be used to differentiate between a production environment and a test environment, or identifying the companies with in the same instance, by displaying database, company name with coloring. For how to use the System Indicator, please refer to the online help: In addition, Waldo covered this feature in the article, where the System Indicator Style codes get visualized. Because the System Indicator is configured at company level, in case you have many companies, this can be a pain to consistently set this up across all companies contained i  [Read More...]

What's Your Company's IQ?

Thursday, July 23, 2015
By Derick Ofodirinwa Your company has an IQ and if you’re hearing this for the first time; it’s probably not very high. If you want to know how smart a company is, check it's relationship with the information it uses and produces. Mastering the art of data is making companies aware that they have a mind that thinks, learns, and possibly solves problems on their own. What’s left to learn is how well developed your company’s mind is and importantly how can you better your company’s intelligence? Our Information is Open All data produced by the company is organized into usable information that all departments have equal access to. Your departments seldom have to send emails across the hall for company information. The smarter your business, the emptier your Inbox. Today’s   [Read More...]

Computer Crime Is Slicker Than You Think

Tuesday, June 17, 2014
If the public's image of the online criminal -- the brilliant but maladjusted teen breaking into systems just to prove he can -- were ever true, those days are long gone. Not long after people first figured out how to break into computer systems, they started creating tools to make it easier for themselves; not long after that, those tools made their way into the hands of people who could use them without really understanding how they worked. Today, few malware developers use their own code. They write it for the same reason commercial software developers do: to sell it for a healthy profit. If you've ever bought anything online, buying from them may be disconcertingly familiar. If you want to break into a computer or steal credit card numbers, you can buy the necessary sof  [Read More...]