Millennials and Your Sanity

Thursday, July 28, 2016
Imagine this: A beautiful Monday morning and you have come into work, a double-shot mocha something fancy coffee in one hand, your cell phone in the other. Today will be awesome, new people have started, your company is growing, and there are white puffy clouds against a bright blue backdrop of sky for bonus points. As you round the corner to your office to see … them. Yes, them – the millennials. Your HR department saw their bright shiny new resumes, their social-media-perfect hair, glamorous white smiles, and urban office chic clothes and thought: THIS is the ticket. Sigh. I know, I know. I have a few millennials in my household that I made myself, and I can tell you with certainty, I feel your pain. The real reason you sighed and plunked your fancy coffee on the des  [Read More...]

Inventory: On the Shelf Vs. When You Need It

Thursday, July 28, 2016
Over the years, I have heard some pretty amazingly misinformed things said about distributor inventories. Let me share a few: A peddler can’t sell from an empty wagon and a distributor can’t sell without a full warehouse. It’s the distributor’s main job to provide local inventory; no inventory, no value. If the distributor doesn’t stock your product and lots of it, you’ll never get the company’s full commitment. We want distributors to prove their commitment to our company by placing a large stock order up front. The distributor’s stock provides a margin of error for logistics problems at its suppliers. While all of these probably made sense back in the day, those days are over, dead and gone. Or at least they are for the knowledge-based distributor. Astonishingly, I still   [Read More...]

The truth about driving change that no one tells you

Friday, June 17, 2016
There is much written about transformational leadership. They fill our book shelves, article after article and book after book. In fact, just look on LinkedIn on any given day. You would think it was the only topic worthy of narrative effort – what seems like an insatiable desire for a coherent vision. It’s a constant call for change and innovation in your company; how best to respond to the disruption in the market arena in which you reside. Webinars and on-site conferences promise a presentation of various thought process exercises that encourage participants to think differently about what is needed for their company to “break the mold” and ultimately stand out from their competition. It goes only so far. The question becomes: Do the participants recognize the need for change   [Read More...]

The shocking cost of dead inventory

Friday, June 17, 2016
What is the cost of your dead inventory? Quite often, even among well-run businesses, the actual costs of inventory are inaccurate, underestimated and incomplete. While most resellers know they have dead inventory, many are unaware of just how much. Our experience, supported by other studies, shows that in even well-run companies, anywhere from 20-30% of inventory is dead or obsolete. The REAL Shocking Costs of Dead Inventory! While that is huge and alone could have devastating ramifications for a business, how does one calculate the real costs to determine the hit that your business is facing? The easy answer is to take the unit cost for those dead items, add them up and you have your answer. But not so fast! There are many other hidden costs to consider before determining the  [Read More...]

Turning buyers into investors

Friday, May 20, 2016
Does anyone remember a time when the guy with a mop and an enormous ring of keys was called a janitor? It seemed like all of a sudden they went off to a convention and came back as custodians. Some made it to the elevated status of “custodial engineer,” but that probably required a few more years of schooling. The word janitor refers to someone who cleans and maintains a building, but the word custodian refers to a caretaker, someone in charge. Although the name change was a simple swipe of the pen, the perception of the job responsibilities changed drastically. No longer were the men and women of this profession cleaning up after someone else. They were the caretaker of the facility. It became their baby. The mindset had changed to one of ownership. Isn’t that something we strive for in o  [Read More...]