What's Your Company's IQ?

Raymond Hill - Thursday, July 23, 2015

By Derick Ofodirinwa

Your company has an IQ and if you’re hearing this for the first time; it’s probably not very high. If you want to know how smart a company is, check it's relationship with the information it uses and produces. Mastering the art of data is making companies aware that they have a mind that thinks, learns, and possibly solves problems on their own. What’s left to learn is how well developed your company’s mind is and importantly how can you better your company’s intelligence?  

Our Information is Open
All data produced by the company is organized into usable information that all departments have equal access to. Your departments seldom have to send emails across the hall for company information. The smarter your business, the emptier your Inbox. Today’s leaders in business intelligence are applying CRM and an appropriate Enterprise Management Software in order to create a single unified and organized mind that anyone in your team can pick and probe comfortably.  

Our Information is Organic
It’s 2015 and data is alive. In a smart company, data stops functioning as something to be taught, and instead serves as a teacher. Business intelligence uses software to discover hidden patterns. It learns and teaches usable information, which facilitates efficient processes, and opens new opportunities.  

Our Information is Organized
If anyone in your company feels as if getting the information they need is anything like trying to pull a plushy out of a gas station claw machine; you’re already behind. High IQ businesses organize their information like a grocery store. Information is sorted and segmented in a way that’s navigable, smart and simple. Organized data gives team members the access and dexterity to advance on their own functions.  

Our Information is One
Your company has at least one software it uses for its day to day operations. Any other software after that point comes with a free Darwin Award. Intelligent companies are able to perform more functions with less tools. When merging all functions into one tool isn't possible, how well integrated are your different applications? The key for high IQ companies is the integration of a flexible, multifaceted and customizable software application or integration of your different tools to make the previous three data characteristics possible.  

There's a lot of options in enterprise management software out there that will make your company more efficient, productive, and competitive. You'd be amazed by what you can do with the state of the art in information management, CRM, accounting software, payroll, analytics, inventory, marketing and audience targeting so make sure you get your company assessed for what's right for you. When you're ready for that step, shoot me an email dericko@dynamicssouthwest.com - Derick.