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Dynamics Serenic HR & Payroll

Serenic HCM

Payroll is a critical component of every business – and often one of the most complex. Companies need payroll software that offers ease of use, accuracy and full integration with business management systems. A powerful, integrated payroll software solution can improve labor productivity and labor efficiencies, as well as help control labor related costs – all of which directly contribute to your bottom line.

Serenic Payroll is a flexible, in-house solution designed to meet the individual needs of industries – including manufacturing, wholesale/retail, trade, services, distribution, construction, and nonprofit organizations to name a few. A flexible system allowing for in-depth data analysis, Serenic Payroll utilizes Microsoft NAV’s database for processing large numbers of employees – adding up to a powerful Payroll offering for Enterprise Resource Management (ERM). Track payroll information against jobs, define unique pay cycles, track and calculate commissions and more.

In the past, it was common for companies to outsource payroll to save time and money, but more and more organizations are finding that in-house payroll is a better choice. During payroll processing, for example, an internal staff performs the bulk of the work whether a company outsources the calculations or not. Source data input is the most time-consuming task during payroll runs, while the time a payroll vendor spends on calculations is minor in comparison.

Using Serenic Payroll, data entry and calculations are completed by your in-house staff, lowering the overall cost per transaction and saving the minimum or basic vendor processing fees. In addition, the ability to post, store and report upon detailed ledger entries per employee and/or departments saves the incredible amount of time and money required to obtain similar “ad-hoc” or “one-off” reports from outsourced providers.

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