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Dynamics Serenic HR & Payroll

Serenic HCM

Available Functionality and Benefits

Designed to accommodate any unique payroll situation, Serenic HCM Payroll provides these valuable benefits:

Multiple Employer

  • Keep all information for more than one employer within the same company
  • Flexible reporting options allow access to information for each separate employer or all employers together
  • Earnings for an employee working for more than one employer can be treated separately or combined. If treated separately, then multiple W-2s or T-4s will be printed for the employee
  • Specific rates can be assigned at the employer level

Flexible Calculations

  • Any business rule that can be mathematically or logically defined can be set up in a payroll calculation, including complicated combinations for shift differentials, piece rates, work type differentials, etc.
  • Calculation “trace” functionality for following step-by-step methods allows you to troubleshoot new calculations

Post Liabilities to Accounts Payable

  • Define specific vendors for each tax, benefit, garnishment or other employer or employee payroll expense
  • Automatically create summarized purchase invoices for each vendor, by specified date periods, to segregate accounting duties appropriately
  • Print detailed “liability to AP” reports with user-defined descriptions for each employee for garnishment authority and benefit provider reporting

Post Labor Burden

  • Post employer-paid expenses directly to “jobs” and/or “dimensions” through this periodic activity

Mass Updates

  • Update employee-specific pay or benefit rates by a percentage adjustment, an amount adjustment or a specific value
  • Attach specific groups of payroll controls to one or more employees in a single step

Automatic Accruals

  • Automatically post liabilities and expenses to specific closing dates before or after the actual payroll posting date

Direct Deposit

  • Define unlimited bank accounts (savings or checking) per employee with amounts determined by dollar or percentage of net pay
  • Produce a user-defined export report to meet individual bank requirements

New Employee Setup Wizard

  • Easily set up new employees by following a step-by-step setup wizard
  • Define which fields are required, ensuring that each record has all necessary information

Employee Validate Function

  • Easily determine any missing details of the employee set up to ensure the system properly calculates employee taxes, benefits, garnishments, etc.

Time Journal

  • Enter employees’ hourly time manually or import via Dynamics NAV XML port directly from a timeclock or time entering system
  • Interfaces directly with jobs, dimensions and resources

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